Team Patent Pending powering through the last stretch of the spring semester

Welcome back! The past couple of weeks have flown by so quickly and we can’t believe it is already week 11! This 2-week sprint for Team Patent Pending is all about wrapping up with synthesizing our research that we have been conducting throughout the semester and taking the insights we uncovered to help us move further into prototyping the future state of digital TV. …

Hello and welcome back to this week’s episode of How to Get Away with Murder!


Did I say Murder? I meant Research!

  • Disclaimer: No researchers were harmed in the making of this sprint.

A Television…that moves? (The Final Chapter)

The last time you heard from us, we were finishing up our pretotype testing and just starting to synthesize all of the qualitative data we gathered. What we came to learn were three major lessons when it comes to affinity diagramming:

  1. Schedule big chunks of time for it — 3-hour blocks MINIMUM
  2. Take breaks — bathroom breaks, coffee breaks, anything to let the dust settle…

(Psst, is the camera on? Ok, perfect! Three, two, one…)


It has been a long but eventful 2 weeks here at the Team Patent Pending headquarters (yes, we have finally decided on a team name, and yes, our team name is ‘patent pending’). From think-alouds to diary studies, our team has been hard at work conducting user research and we have started to synthesize our findings.

We know everyone is dying to hear about our research, so, without further ado, let’s just dive right into our first segment…(drum roll please)

A Television…that moves? (The Sequel)

We kicked off Sprint 3 by continuing our pretotype…

“Technology allows more people to tell more stories in more ways. Storytelling knows no boundaries.”

― Donna Talarico, Selected Memories: Five Years of Hippocampus Magazine

Our kick-off meeting was an astounding success, everyone was super engaged and open about their thoughts and experiences with digital television (DTV). While certain preliminary questions were answered, we had even more questions that needed digging into. …

In the first 2 week sprint starting our Capstone project with Interdigital we found ourselves defining the project, meeting our corporate sponsor, and diving into the expansive field of immersive technology.

Meeting the Team

We began with a team charter and role assignments. We identified a couple of things that were most important to us as a unit — creating a final product we could be proud of and living up to the expectations of our roles.

A chart with sections for team members to identify strengths and weaknesses, core values, and group norms.
A chart with sections for team members to identify strengths and weaknesses, core values, and group norms.
A snippet of the team charter we began to build out, starting by identifying our individual strengths and weaknesses

What do we know?

On a shared Figma board, we pasted down our project brief and set to work annotating it with post-it…

InterDigital at CMU

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